Product Sterilisation

Xenos manufactures dairy and juice steriliser units for processing a wide of range products. Our standard range of units can be further customised specifically to meet your product needs. Product types, batching sizes and plant operation are all taken into consideration to ensure that the most suitable processing solution is used.

Xenos designs and manufactures a range of indirect plate and indirect tubular Pasteuriser and UHT units:

Xenos Indirect Plate UHT

Xenos Indirect Tubular UHT

Key Features of Xenos Product Sterilisers

  • Standalone or seamless integration with Xenos' Aseptic Bottle Fillers

  • No expensive aseptic balance tank required, but can be integrated if required

  • Highly efficient with regenerative heat capture

  • Designed to integrate with your processing needs including separation, homogenisation, de-aeration and the like

  • Fully automated control system, including alarms and data logging that is recipe driven via an HMI touch screen

  • Skid-mounted, with on-board electrics to minimise installation time

  • Automatic, or semi-automatic integrated CIP system, including filler CIP

  • Simplicity in operation and maintenance

Our standard systems come in sizes up to 6000 litres per hour (LPH).  Custom systems are made above this. Contact us to find out more.

Xenos Aseptic Steriliser

SDC13088 compressed.JPG

Xenos UHT