Total System Control

Simple, user friendly operation

As technically advanced as our technology is, the whole system is easily operated from our intuitive HMI touch screen panel display.

All daily operations including start up, SIP (line sterilisation), production, CIP and shut down are all initiated by following simple step-by-step instructions on the touch screen.

The HMI touch screen gives real-time operator feedback on system data, CCP data and line operation providing maximum product safety throughout all sterilisation, production and CIP processes. Pop-up instructions provide the operator with step by step guidance throughout all of these processes.

System performance monitoring and alarms

All Xenos systems are integrated with software for monitoring the systems critical control points and logging the following performance data:

  • Production performance data including throughputs, stoppages, recipe changes, cleaning and product rejects

  • Process information including all temperatures, pressures and flow rates

  • Automatic product divert and alarm if CCPs are exceeded

This information can exported to existing SCADA systems or Xenos supplied packages.

Xenos HMI

Xenos HMI 2