Why Choose Aseptic Bottling?

What is Aseptic?

The term ‘aseptic' is defined as "free from contamination caused by harmful bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms." In aseptic processing and packaging, the contents and the container are commercially sterilized, separately, and are then combined in a sterile environment.

In food and beverage applications, the process results in packaging that is shelf stable, typically for 6-12 months at ambient temperatures, without the need for refrigeration or the use of preservatives to achieve the shelf life.

Compare the main alternatives to Aseptic Packaging:

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Aseptic Packaging Options

Of all the main alternatives for packaging high and low acid products into a range of packaging types, aseptic bottles is the only method that does it all.

With the greatest choice of products and a wide range of packaging shapes and sizes, aseptic bottling gives you the edge to sit above the rest, with products that really stand out on the shelf.

why choose aseptic bottles?



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