Aseptic Bottle Filling Machines

Xenos manufactures a standard range of Aseptic Bottle Filling Machines that can be customised specifically to suit your product, your bottles and your brand. 

Key Features:

  • Robust and reliable sterilisation method that provides a high degree of product safety

  • Easy handling of a wide range of bottle shapes in lightweight PET, HDPE and glass

  • Standard bottle size: 200 ml - 1.5 litre, larger or smaller on request

  • Flexibility to fill a wide range of products including milks, juices, teas, coffees and lifestyle drinks

  • Fast changeover times from one product to another and one bottle size to the next

  • Low chemical use and no waste water

  • Compact footprint: All services and controls are mounted on board the filler

  • Advanced simplicity: Our advanced controls and design make our fillers simple to operate

  • Camera Inspection System: Check and reject every bottle that is incorrectly filled or capped

  • Automatic ejection of faulty caps

  • Automatic CIP system for filler internal surfaces

  • Liquid nitrogen dosing: for products sensitive to oxygen

  • Auto CIP nozzle and pipework cleaning system integrated back to product steriliser

  • Complete integration with Xenos' Product Sterilisers

  • Infeed and outfeed conveyor supply

The Xenos Aseptic Filler Range:

Xenos Aseptic Filler Range 

*Based on 300 days/year, 20 hours/day production time and an 85% overall line efficiency.

**Extra filling rows can be added into the filler for faster two-stage filling and specialty nozzles are available for products with particulates.

***Extra drying/decontamination lances can be added into the filler where regulations demand lower H
2O2 residuals

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Xenos Aseptic Filler

Xenos Aseptic Bottle Filler

Xenos X5000 Aseptic Filler

 Xenos Aseptic Bottle Filler Footprint